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American Synesthesia Association

10th Annual Conference in 2013

The Tenth Annual National Conference of the American Synesthesia Association, Inc. took place on May 31 - June 2, 2013 at OCAD UNIVERSITY in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Photograph by Carter Jones

Conference Hosts, ASA Co-Founders and Board Members, and Presenters at the 2013 ASA Conference at OCAD University. From top, left to right are: Michele Root-Bernstein; Robert Root-Bernstein; Duncan Carmichael; David Griffin, OCAD Faculty; Julian Ghloum; Doreen Balabanoff, OCAD Conference Co-Host; Alexandra Kirschner; Marcia Smilack; Ed Hubbard, ASA Board Member; Laura Gibson; Daphne Maurer, ASA Board Member; Natasha Lvovich; Emma Welter; JJ Lee; Robin Kingsburgh, OCAD Conference Co-Host; Natalie Waldburger; Carol Steen, Co-Founder and ASA Board Member; Greta Berman; Clara Ursitti; Samantha Moore;Carrie Firman; Patricia Lynne Duffy, ASA Co-Founder; Nancy Weekly; Jasmin Sinha. Also presented, but not in the photo: Kathleen Akins; Sergio Basbaum; Sean Day, ASA Board Member; Laura Herman; Noam Sagiv, Keynote Speaker; James Wannerton; Jamie Ward; and Marcus Watson.

Our Keynote Speaker was

Noam Sagiv
Centre for Cognition and Neuroimaging
Brunel University, London
United Kingdom

Please visit our Recent Conference page for this year's Presenters and Abstracts.

OCAD University

Photo credit: Richard Johnson, interiorimages canada

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